Increase Conversions Through Story-Selling

Good copywriting focuses on providing high-quality information.

Consumers want the freedom to think independently and make their own decisions, they don’t want to be sold to.

However, when running a business your main objective is, of course, to sell so let’s not lose track of your end goal but let’s not send customers running away either.

In the age of content marketing, the business with the best information, written in the most engaging way, wins the customers.

A great way to add value to your readers and engage them while highlighting the benefits of your product or service is through story telling. We’ve all grown up with story telling, it’s a medium everyone can relate to and it’s never going away.

For a story to convert readers into customers it must Connect, Excite and Sell.


Effective copy will flow naturally and connect with the reader.

To connect on an emotional level it is important to address their problems and show empathy with them.

Before you set out to write the story you must first identify who this story will appeal to and research their pain points and then identify the tone of voice your ideal reader connects and engages with.

Put yourself in their shoes. Talk to them in a voice they like to listen to and address their pain points.

If you can, tell them how you’ve experienced their problems too. If you can’t, then don’t worry, it’s still just as easy to be authentic and create a deep connection with the reader. In this case, show empathy by demonstrating that you address their problems and tell the story of how you created a product or service to help them and those it’s helped so far.


While you want to address their pain points you don’t want to make the story negative, it should empathize with them and quickly demonstrate the benefits you’re offering to take these worries off their shoulders.

Fill them with excitement and make them desire your product using words to paint a pretty picture of how much better their life could be with your product or service. Tell them how you solved their problem and show how you can help them to solve it too, pointing to the benefits and the features that help them get there.

Nothing builds authority like social proof so point to people you have helped before and highlight their success. This will create more belief in the readers minds that they too can achieve their desired outcome.


Once the reader is full to the brim with inspiration from your story, they’ll now be ready to buy and so, therefore you should round it off with a compelling call to action and show them exactly how they can take action right away.

Both story telling and story selling are intended to add value to the readers life. The biggest difference is that the latter is used to highlight the benefits of a product or service, filling them with so much excitement they can’t wait to pick up the phone and reach out to you for your services or click that button and buy your product.

Be creative and play around with this concept, have fun with it, making sure your story connects and excites all the way through whilst shining a light on all key benefits in the process.

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