AWO Organics – Wool Dryer Balls

AWO Organics 6x Wool Dryer Balls – 100% Natural Fabric Softeners, Chemical Free, Reusable & Fair Trade

Product Details 

  • A Thoughtful Gift For Mom – Handmade and fair-trade 100% New Zealand Wool. Completely free from toxic chemicals making them essential for drying cloth diapers, clothes, and towels.
  • A Simple Way To Save Money – The balls absorb moisture from wet clothes and separate them to reduce drying time, helping you cut down on energy bills + they last over 1000 uses!
  • Good for You & the Environment – They soften your clothes and reduce static naturally without the need for harmful synthetic chemicals. Ideal for babies & sensitive skin.
  • No Compromising on Quality – There’s no excuse for cheap filler wools, we carefully selected 100% New Zealand Wool because it’s the best. FREE organic cotton bag included.
  • Covering All Angles – Packs of 3 for small/ medium loads. Packs of 6 for large loads. Can be used with whites, colors or mixed washing.

Product Description 

If you haven’t heard the news yet, dryer sheets and fabric softeners are toxic!

They’re harmful to you, those around you and the environment.

Fabric sheets may soften your clothes, but to do so they are laced with toxic chemicals which can cause serious health problems and skin irritations. These chemicals are absorbed into your clothes, towels, baby’s diapers and the blankets you use to wrap your children in.

Of course, this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Now for a safer option…

At AWO Organics, we have worked hard to create the perfect Wool Dryer Balls with 100% New Zealand wool so you can harmlessly soften your clothes and reduce static, resting safely in the knowledge you and the kids aren’t in danger of absorbing nasty toxins.

No cheap filler, chemicals or synthetics included.

Stop your energy bills going through the roof!

Put the laundry balls in your dryer and they will bounce around separating your wet clothes, allowing the hot air to circulate freely whilst they absorb the moisture from your wet laundry and reduce your drying time by at least 20-40%.

Get ready to kiss those expensive energy bills goodbye!

As these great balls of wool jump around saving you money and time, the movement of the wool against your clothes creates a soft friction which makes them softer and static free, the natural way.


The balls dry themselves fairly quickly so you can leave them in your laundry basket once finished and they’ll be ready for your next load.

These balls work great for any sized load, use 3 for small to medium loads or 6 for larger loads.

They won’t soak up the colors from your clothes so you can use them for all your laundry needs and they last for over 1000 loads.

Ethically produced!

All balls were handmade in Nepal by fair-trade standards, giving the opportunity for women from underprivileged communities to earn fair wages and they’re made with 100% felted New Zealand Wool.

Time for some positive change?

Switch to AWO Organics Wool Dryer Balls and you’ll find your laundry is done before you know it, your shirts are softer, they’ll be less creased, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re keeping everyone safe from hazardous chemicals and on top of this you can feel good about yourself because as you reap in all these benefits, you’re also doing a great job for our environment.

Buy them today for $18.00 and you’ll be making your money back on them in no time!

P.s To scent your clothes try adding a drop of lavender to the balls, it goes down an aromatic treat 🙂