Lean Vegan Diet & Workout Plan

Are you struggling to find a diet that will actually achieve great results for your body but isn’t boring you to tears!?

Discover the key to a vegan diet and exercise plan that’s easy to follow, will have you burning calories, losing weight and building muscle to achieve your dream body!

Think a vegan diet consists of a daily intake of nothing but raw carrots, lettuce and nuts, well guess again! We have put together over 25 delicious and healthy recipes for you so that dieting doesn’t have to be boring.

But how will you build muscle without meat!? Well, it’s easy but only when you know how and let us tell you now, meat is not your best source of protein!

Building muscle and achieving your ideal body on a vegan diet is only hard when you don’t know how.

Follow this diet and workout plan and not only will you put on muscle but naturally you will also lose weight fast.

This book demonstrates exactly how you can build a lean and healthy all round body on a vegan diet, taking you through from the health benefits you will achieve and what foods you need to be buying all the way up to the recipes you will be making, the exercises you will be carrying out and how to plan all of this so that the vegan diet and work-out plan becomes a simple part of your daily life.

In this book you will find an easy guide to the vegan diet and workout plan; one which can be started by anyone no matter their previous experience with veganism, dieting or exercise regimes. You will discover the exact steps you need to take to become a healthier, fitter and leaner version of yourself!

Presented to you with recipes, as well as exercise/ workout routines, hints and tricks, and some of the most successful proven strategies to build a fit and healthy body on a vegan diet.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • Over 25 Vegan recipes for a fitter body & mind
  • The health benefits of veganism
  • Tips on switching to a vegan diet
  • Substitution & being prepared
  • How to overcome cravings
  • A guide to vegan shopping

All summarised with:

  • An easy to follow meal diary & exercise plan + tips on staying consistent

Take action now for only $2.99 and help us to destroy the myth that that vegans can’t achieve a dream body just as easily as anyone else!